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What is stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap is a highly durable and flexible plastic film that can be stretched in order to wrap around items. Due to its elasticated properties it is able to tightly bind most objects. It is mostly used in industries and business to secure and protect pallet loads. However it is very versatile and may be used in the home to bundle or package smaller items.

The most common type of stretch wrap is linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE this particular material enhances how far it can be stretched. It makes it increasingly harder to also break and puncture. Most wraps have work to around 500% per stretch before they reach breaking point. However in most instances such films are only ever stretched to anything between 100-300%. Once the product is stretched its elasticity allows it to keep the items packaged tightly.Stretch-wrap

What is most important is to create a stretch wrap that can encompass a lot of properties simultaneously. For instance people look for products that can provide them with increased break strength as well as clarity, tear resistance, low static discharge and cling capabilities.

Why is it used?

It is used mostly for packaging products on to pallets because it is the best way of improving load stability and ensuring limited movement during transport.  It allows for loads to be easily moved and efficient handling from one location to another.  Furthermore you have the added benefit of having your products protected from the elements, dust and moisture which could cause them to spoil.  To ensure that items are secure it prevents some degree of tampering and items becoming lost or separated from the original bundle.

Our thoughts

Stretch wrap is proving to become a popular choice for both the domestic and business sectors. Many homeowners choose to use it for home removal and storage and companies tend to utilise it for their product packaging.  If you need advice about our full range of packaging supplies or any products you see online contact a member of our team on 01773 606858!

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