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We value the importance of packaging solutions for small or home businesses. When packaging and wrapping your items you will want to ensure that they are correctly, safely and efficiently packed. After careful research by our strapping supplies team we have brought some great sources of information from the web on successful packaging tips.

Cushioning Your Items

Always make sure you leave adequate space around your item when placing it in its box; generally a circumference of 5 cm or 2 inches is advisable. The materials you use should be suitable for the item you are packing an provide it with the necessary protection. You can use materials from around the home such as newspaper; old clean clothing or you could buy sheets of bubble wrap. Items that contain liquid should be surrounded by an absorbent material and sealed securely. Separate multiple items by using the surrounding cushioning material so they do not bang or rub against each other in transit.

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Labelling your parcel

Labelling is important so that your package can be delivered correctly to were it needs to go. First you must remove all other labels. When placing a new label on the package making sure the area is clean and dry. Always place the label on the largest side of the box and never over seams or corners. The label should be clearly marked and visible on the item at all times. When writing the label include the full and correct delivery address details as well as the full postcode. Any further outer packaging shouldn’t conceal or hide the label itself.

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Re-Using Boxesstrapping-supplies

Re-using boxes is a great source of recycling but you should only ever re use them if they are in a relatively new to good condition. Never re use boxes that have a crease or tear as this damage decreases efficiency and safety integrity of the package by 70%.

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Outer Packaging

Outer packaging is highly susceptible to pressure and impact so you must be sure that it is suitable for use of protecting the item. Always ensure that your parcel can handle its weight and make any additions to the outer packaging if you find it needs extra support.  Before sending your parcel always check the outer packaging is undamaged.

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Shipping Fragile Items

Special attention should always be paid to shipping delicate and fragile items. Place the item in the centre of the packaging and ensure it is not in contact with the outer walls. Surround the item with your chosen cushioning material. If there are multiple items always place the cushioning material around each individual item as well as around them all.

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Our Thoughts

Packaging your products and items is important to ensure their reliable transport. Having the correct materials and machines such as strapping supplies can be essential to making packaging these items more efficient. Why not browse our online store to see just what packaging solutions we can offer you.

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