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When it comes to your packaging and pallet wrap of your goods, you need to ensure you do the best job possible because if your goods are being transported, you need to ensure they are as secure as possible to ensure they don’t move around and get damaged during transit. Take a look at these great tips below on where to start when it comes to your packaging.

Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

External Packaging

  • Bags
  • Protective bags are great for shock absorption as well as great for keeping goods protected from water, they’re great for things such as for packaging electronic parts and items.
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Rough handling can often occur throughout the shipping and handling process, corrugated boxes help keep your items protected and and help to stop them from being damaged.
  • Always make sure the internal goods of your boxes are protected with cushioning, to make sure if there is any rough handling that there is minimal chance of damage.

Internal Packaging

  • Adequate spacing should be kept between the packaging and the shipment item for proper cushioning or fillers. There are also many eco friendly options available such as recycled newspapers.
  • When there are multiple items packed into one box, dividers should be used to that items are arranged in proper partitions or stacks. Corrugated sheets or layers of cupboards can be used for such purposes.

Sealing packages

  • Taping
  • You need to ensure you tape and seal your boxes up properly, so that they stay in tact during transit. For heavy goods, you will need to use appropriate taping to secure it more effectively.
  • Don’t use ordinary household tape such as sellotape or making tape, for transportation of goods, you need to use the appropriate equipment, otherwise there is a high risk that your boxes may come undone which could spill your goods.
  • Good tapes should be pressure sensitive and approximately 2 inches wide and be applied on all seams and flaps of the packaging.
  • Strapping
  • Polypropylene, polyester or metal are often used for strapping heavy goods for shipping, depending on the nature of the shipped items and packaging materials. Metal straps should only be applied if wooden boxes are being used, as they can cut through any paper materials. Strings and ropes should also be avoided for strapping as they can be cut easily.
  • Wrapping paper / Film
  • Wrapping should be done on packages or items to prevent any damage by dust or water. Examples of such items are rolled-up textiles or drawings.

We hope this advice has helped you gain an insight into the appropriate packaging materials you should be using for your packages.

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