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What is stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap is a highly durable and flexible plastic film that can be stretched in order to wrap around items. Due to its elasticated properties it is able to tightly bind most objects. It is mostly used in industries and business to secure and protect pallet loads. However it is very versatile and may be used in the home to bundle or package smaller items.

The most common type of stretch wrap is linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE this particular material enhances how far it can be stretched. It makes it increasingly harder to also break and puncture. Most wraps have work to around 500% per stretch before they reach breaking point. However in most instances such films are only ever stretched to anything between 100-300%. Once the product is stretched its elasticity allows it to keep the items packaged tightly.Stretch-wrap

What is most important is to create a stretch wrap that can encompass a lot of properties simultaneously. For instance people look for products that can provide them with increased break strength as well as clarity, tear resistance, low static discharge and cling capabilities.

Why is it used?

It is used mostly for packaging products on to pallets because it is the best way of improving load stability and ensuring limited movement during transport.  It allows for loads to be easily moved and efficient handling from one location to another.  Furthermore you have the added benefit of having your products protected from the elements, dust and moisture which could cause them to spoil.  To ensure that items are secure it prevents some degree of tampering and items becoming lost or separated from the original bundle.

Our thoughts

Stretch wrap is proving to become a popular choice for both the domestic and business sectors. Many homeowners choose to use it for home removal and storage and companies tend to utilise it for their product packaging.  If you need advice about our full range of packaging supplies or any products you see online contact a member of our team on 01773 606858!

In a bid to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags which have a serious detrimental side effect on the environment a levy will be introduced from October for each purchased. In businesses we use various packaging from wrapping film to stretch wrap and other various materials. It is also a great challenge for the packaging industry to become more sustainable and provide environmentally friendlier products. With the growing concern raised for the use of the trusty plastic carrier and future alternatives being developed will the packaging machine industry follow in  a similar way?

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You better hold on to your shrink wrap machine because yet another another packaging company has been taken over by a US firm. William Beckett had been a manufacturer of specialised protective plastic packaging & containers for applications including cutting tools, DIY, technical and consumer/retail. It was recently bought by a US firm as seems to be the trend with numerous packaging companies across the UK. They all seem to be hanging up that trusty shrink wrap machine and packaging machinery in what seems to be an American invasion.

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Whether you own strapping machines or other forms of packaging machinery you may have a certain packaging material that is constantly used in your business. Many packaging companies use paper and plastic as their staple packaging materials however in the rise of sustainable concerns further alternatives are creeping into the industry. One such being is the new market for metal packaging that is developing especially with its versatile applications for food, beverage and health care packaging. 15 of the largest national packaging markets have already beginning testing metal packaging as a viable product. To learn more about the shift towards metal packaging please read the accompanying article below.

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We believe that every packing material has its benefits and this can be easily applied to using corrugated packaging within the fast food industry. CPI Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson suggests that it has superb environmental properties and is highly desirable to be used in the food industry because of its renowned properties for retaining warmth and being recyclable. She goes on in the article below to discuss numerous reasons why this packing material is a popular choice for reducing food and food packaging waste.

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Everyone is anticipating a rise in energy prices and new legislation will require larger packaging companies to perform compulsory energy audits. Whether your operating with a stretch wrap or pallet wrapping machine it all adds to the cost of energy you use. Business need to become more savvy about how they consume there energy when using their packaging machinery. Sam Davidson who is consulting operations head for Utilitywise better explains in his article below how packaging companies can carry out these future compulsory energy audits.

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News to the recent “Budget” is all but a memory however to the packaging industry some of the newest budget decisions could prove to have a large impact on packaging professionals.

“The reduction in Corporation Tax making the UK, the lowest rate in the G20, especially will encourage investment and will help all businesses and in particular packaging companies whose customers will be attracted to further expand their operations and increase their packaging requirements in the country.”-CPMA director Mike Ridgway

To learn more about how the “Budget” could potentially affect your businesses packaging decisions or even machinery such as owning a shrink wrapping machine please read the helpful article below.


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If you are new to owning a pallet stretch wrap machine or pallet stretch wrapping you may have some questions that you need answering. The article below discusses several FAQ’s in an interview taken by Lynda Searby who takes the time to talk to industry experts for packaging equipment.


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From owning a shrink wrap machine to pallet wrapping machinery the evolution of the packaging machine is forever growing. Many larger businesses are investing in the use of robotic system that are increasingly sophisticated and can be integrated into a wide variety of automation and production processes. Dispelling the myths surrounding robotics in the packaging industry is Paul Wilkinson is this informative article below.

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Recently both Packaging News and Easyfairs conducted an annual survey to find out what are the current trend in packaging buying. They also wished to gain an insight into people attitudes towards packaging and packing material and see what both consumers and businesses wanted. The full results will be revealed in a presentation by Philip Chadwick, Editor of Packaging News, at Packaging Innovations, Olympia London, between 16-17 September 2015. For more information on this survey and for the event details to Packaging Innovations London 2015 please see the links below.

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